Red Canoe General Store and Coffee Bar, Palmyra PA

The Red Canoe General Store is our primary location, and where we do all the roasting! Come check us out! They have a full espresso and coffee menu, delicious treats and snacks, as well as artisan and household goods. Come grab a latte and a bag of coffee for home!

Babe's Grill House.jpg

Babe’s Grill House, Palmyra PA

Babe's Grill House was our first account offsite! Dave and Kylie are fantastic people and have a great business. You won't be disappointed with their food and service!


Whirling Dervish Bakery, Annville PA

We started roasting for Whirling Dervish in October 2017. If you've never visited, you're missing out! You can't go wrong with any of Becky's amazing desserts and pastries- she is quite a talented baker, and will make you feel right at home.

Encounter church.jpg

Encounter Church, Palmyra PA

Encounter Church is a wonderful place of community, fellowship and worship. Before heading into the service, enjoy a fresh and complimentary cup of coffee!

Londonderry Inn.jpg

The Londonderry Inn, Palmyra PA

This is quite an amazing place to stay, with breathtaking rooms and great service! Sip our coffee while enjoying a delicious breakfast!

Jigger shop.jpg

The Jigger Shop, Mount Gretna PA

The Jigger Shop does NOT disappoint! It’s the best ice cream parlor in Pennsylvania! Enjoy incredible ice cream treats in the beautiful woods of Mount Gretna. You can either sit on their deck, or take your ice cream to go and walk around the eclectic and charming neighborhoods.